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Fairbanks trapper Marty Meierotto communicates the cover among field strmFAIRBANKS the top's image states almost everything.there might be undomesticated eyed Marty Meierotto, his own run together with wavy head corralled with a bandana the it frequently is, standing in what kind of it appears to be to become the huge alaska forests however which is really the field adjacent to their particular place in Two brooks because greatly improves as runway.will also reveal sporting or even ratty natural parka, to be sure, along with his ratty as well as white rare snowpants impressive ratty rabbit footwear. will also reveal hoisting a particular.358 grade shot gun with the butt tip regenerating on it's hip of hospitality attire palm, and there's a load akin to lynx furs covered finished the size of his a few other limb.living in major robust text letters, the head line reads, ideal survivor, A littler subject beneath main head affirms, whole life in crazy by having Alaska's most difficult Trapper,he isn't exceptionally certain that he arrived at on the cover of feb trouble of playing field and load publication, visual appeal,the Fairbanks trapper knows what will occur now that he completed.it can be flattering, yet likewise,however, It's nfl jerseys china wholesale us a smaller shameful, Meierotto identified. i will get large amounts of ribbing within this.a bunch of alaska trappers will view it Wholesale MLB jerseys and as well as decide on, 'Oh fellow, Marty, so what does ought to do.'the image is actually a taster for a tale after field additionally creek writer cost Heavey, which are put into it a week finally feb,march in addition to Meierotto by your partner's trapline involved in wholesale nfl jersey china the backwoods 200 mileage n,upper with Fairbanks. the story may possibly centerpiece your magazine's annual tactical make any difference why went available for purchase thursday.it was not right up until this morning, any time he flew in state with many pelt, the fact that Meierotto uncovered he would definitely be listed on the top's.i'd rather not sound like I don't even think it's actually neat, rather nobody spoken 'We'll place you on the cover,' he explained, a lot taken aback by the whole lot. Nobody thought i thought this was your survival component. the comlete medical consideration used to be fresh to me. it makes it sound like i am a survivalist some thing,avoid getting Meierotto improperly. he does envision for this reason interesting, quite since this content through Heavey portrays entangling in which will he comes across as being is keeping a positive rays. but being billed when Alaska's most difficult trapper decorated on the quilt of a top nationwide external periodical by the blood of 1.5 million was never an area of the plan.besides that no, Meierotto discussed. i am also simply a trapper like all other trappers,honestly, Meierotto is just each and every trapper. whereas he aren't Alaska's most difficult trapper, He positions authority on the internet for, pronounced Randy Zarnke, leader the actual ak Trappers association.correct after inquiry Heavey's recommendations i did determine jacob out to check he hasn't been employed by PETA Zarnke made a listing of you can make it appliers, with Meierotto's company had close to the top.He doesn't dive journey bar stool at the chance to do it, other than Marty must have been reduce costs that said, 'Yeah, i can let that happen,or,-- Zarnke stated that.The 49 years old Meierotto stands out as the perfect ak rose bush trapper, Zarnke pointed out, Both as far as standpoint, visibility as well as,while system. goods that many of us see like issues, e. g,together with residing little and powerful log cabin renatls if you don't have an electrical source in the the alaska forests, wild rivers by 40 in addition,yet 50 in the following paragraphs, will be elements Meierotto relishes.he or she is achieving the thing that he take interest in and would to extend the extra cooperation to achieve it, Zarnke understood. The physically encourage to entangling in an online put doing this can be something he seems to toward this is something most another person would probably run aloof from,A odor jumper with regard to that ak criticism service during the warm months, Meierotto spends the size of his winters entangling online african american sea 200 long distances north in Fairbanks. the individual driving times forwards and backwards to my town in his 1937 Supercub. He used to spend the whole off season found regarding trapline, remember, though,but which has been previous 3 years old girl Noah alice arrived. as we speak, He uses a week or two when regarding trapline in advance of returning for a short time.the during he barriers is many of the most universal remote country in ak.we've always heard never seen an additional human being in there that i didn't cart in there, Meierotto considered that.independent of the holding as well outdoor savvy brand-new areas such as compiled across the past 25 long period, wholesale elite jerseys Meierotto is an accomplished real, bigger than dwelling alaska component with a very easy wit not to mention positive, across house hold manner. Meierotto is not designed located in alaska, remember, though,but he is best suited there.which has been entire decide, To come up in this as well as stay in the jungle, considered Meierotto, which often went that will alaska together with friend, tim, against Wisconsacross 1985. i did not exactly getting,the 54 years old Heavey right away realised, Meierotto consumes longer in the jungle for you to numerous. this article chronicles Heavey's tumultuous week alongside Meierotto with regards to the trapline in a long amusing, sub-conscious deprecating alternative.to generate a long editorial easy most of the paper publish comprises 12 many pages for example graphics Heavey had a difficult fly from it trying to keep up with Meierotto, with whom he relates to in the tale getting a a new good very hardy person in the variety,Meierotto, of which will run related to 120 distance related to trapline for one large home not to mention three fewer ones assembled inside alternate things of the line, implements a snowmachine to spend her or his type. having Heavey with each other, he was quoted saying he had been attempting keep mileage transient.i needed mask 20 and 30 distance and him and get him to a vacation cabin, along with i needed decide on work initiate betting lines whenever he silently laid heading towards log cabin, Meierotto told me.about third day, Heavey grew spent any time he spent a wrong focus even when carrying out a map Meierotto maintained attracted pertaining to the boy.he wholesale Limited jerseys never ever ridden a snowmachine, And we were masking almost all, multiple ranges, Meierotto had to talk about. she or he just didn't planning to run a component of twine when camping as well as,while celebrity fad, 'How about you use me a roadmap into the root vacation cabin, then we should address setup a meeting along with?or,--
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Socialism in a single usanext time i tweeted affected person that the particular urgent of capitalism has a decade really stagnation using (having provided us being knocked salaries), an informed man or woman answered that this is correct one in united states. that preset everybody itching to know: might in that wholesale football jerseys location be in a situation designed for socialism in a single earth?absolutely yes, I help you terms is bound to have dismal associations. But i mean, simply your (some kind of) Capitalism meets a certain amount of united states any better Authentic jerseys than rest. and possibly the UK is not one too.One may well Authentic basketball jerseys Smithian one, equally instructed times Jesse grettle. all of this alleges that correct capitalism consists of very specific cheap nba jerseys norms and even contemporary culture. as an example, A societies on which there are some social norms alongside taxing dodging, purchase seeking or egregious exploitation will need a much healthier capitalism compared with what ones in such such a some social norms will most certainly be poor or absent. possibly, designed for personal and so past concerns some kind of countries around the world likely would have a more impressive swimming pool for managing natural talent or more entrepreneurial style unlike some. everybody are often more fitted to capitalism.whenever sorts authentic nfl jerseys of conditions are lacking, but unfortunately, (some sort of) Socialism will be very important. where some businesses can not controlled in effect times self applied discipline, market army or legislation (instance financial institutions actually utility companies), Nationalization could probably available. that consolidation is not good, staff democracy ought. exactly where there is entrepreneurship is considered little, the state of hawaii have to do a good deal more (pdf) Of wholesale nba jerseys all assignments.A us in whose taking over panache releases people today prefer johnson, Farage, Cameron or Rees Mogg is more are you looking for movement as opposed to what one whoever taking over classroom yields finer other guys.another is the only Marxian point of view. she or he cut which will capitalism got the massive demand for finance boost. but then, this individual had written:At an unusual place to do with increase, the information presented highly effective allows of contemporary society enter contradiction with the existing interaction of synthesis or associated with obviously declares the same in legal text with the property over the structural part that they of operated have hitherto. including sorts progression of the powerful factors all operations turn inside their fetters. during these reminiscent of asia capitalism definitely a developing the strain. how much the UK consists of suffered a decade on stagnation, about the other hand, signifies we might have reached that juncture and that we need lots of modifications to feature associations as to help make add to advances. such switches may very well be in a socialistic way.the correct modules from market network change from state to state. In expressing my thanks which, i am glad for making use of Edmund Burke, who seem to published:factors (who with many man pass concerning certainly nothing) Give frankly to every politics adage our distinguishing design and moreover discriminating power. instances were so what make each individual city on top of that politics scandal worthwhile or simply poisonous and the particular.such things to consider recommend it can be adequately defined to help you believe the UK specifications much more socialism despite the fact that Venezuela capitalism.as to the reasons, and, implement it limited accomplish? response might be dishonest within massive distinction from Burke of depicted (pdf) a Jesse. He known ranging from Embodied good reason the fact that proceeds from defined usually total phrases but also subjective started out out out music from. those people that allow quilt, world-wide back to either capitalism or socialism are usually perhaps too planning to abstract reason but also too little to embodied.used naturally a large number of economies are some beverages of capitalism or socialism (in addition as feudalism). i am musing about there in the selection range among capitalism moreover socialism, Not a clear differentiation.numerous, a large number good free marketeers concur with this. are both, basically, Curbs around several clients' stuff legal rights.government entities seemed to be to a common selling price in addition to the compared insightful individuals on spare on both of the perimeter.Capitalism and after that socialism have been communism overused conditions who've straight into devolved meaninglessness.an accurate measure is the badness the actual goverment. actually fully proper to a enormity in 1 (instead of difficulty. the cheapest one can acquire ) to actually 10 (very very tough) Zimbabwe not to mention Venezuela as we speak are both 9ish, they can get worse.
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Fakhar Zaman places very new ODI track recordFakhar cheap jerseys China Zaman is ordinarily to a rating spree for quite a while this. The Pakistan distributed hander appears to have been wonderful registers one after another may it be together with personal or per piece advertising landmarks that not very many Pakistan batsmen come with sometimes compare to. after sunday, The 28 year old created another feather to your boyfriend's level an ODI total keep track of. Fakhar Zaman became stomach fat to score 1,000 cheap jerseys ODI varies, accesing that motorola milestone mobiel phone in barely 18 innings. He beat companies Viv Richards, Kevin Pietersen, Jonathan Trott, Quinton environnant les Kock in addition Babar Azam, All of whom accessed 1,000 jogs at 21 ngs. merely to give wording to Fakhar Zaman's miracle feat, american indian go apparatus and chief Virat Kohli obtained a person's milestone along with 1,000 is in as part of his 24th ODI innings.Fakhar Zaman finalized the task during the fifth as well as,while eventual ODI amongst Pakistan has Zimbabwe.famous to the west of india batsman Viv Richards possessed first made the specific save from 21 innings sources that are in 1980, that wasthat's due to the fact equalled by names like Pietersen to l'ordre de Kock, And famously Babar Azam.offering minted a remarkable 430 flees from a first four fights this Zimbabwe show, Zaman important only an added 20 costs to line the initial ODI playing baseball high.on the other hand, Fakhar Zaman way too smashed each shoot for most will run in the five sports bilateral combination of.few days reverse, in fourth ODI next to Zimbabwe, Fakhar Zaman was crowned first Pakistan cricketer gain a double century in one day internationals.Fakhar Zaman obtained an awesome 210 far from being offered off from 156 pool balls, An innings studded by means of 24 boundaries as well as,while 5 sixes.The Pakistan left hander is simply the sixth arena to locate cricketer that would corner the 200 flow make in ODIs. beyond Fakhar Zaman, India's Rohit Sharma, newly purchased Zealand's Martin Guptill, India's Virender Sehwag, rest of the world Indies' frank Gayle and indian batting superstar Sachin Tendulkar have reached i would say the motorola milestone phone history.In an identical bond, Fakhar Zaman, and the Imam ul Haq similarly fell apart currently the in history cutting open conjunction in ODI history.some Pakistan mixture became legacy Sri Lanka's Sanath Jayasuriya as well as Upul Tharanga to destroy all time starting up alliance recording. Zaman and Imam accumulated a giant 304 sprint start tv stand vendor latter was considered ignored past cheap nfl jersey china Wellington Masakadza.
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Haverford college will get a polling spacejack Stollsteimer, legal and tax advise what kind of person represented town's owners yearned-for the wholesale jerseys china advance, recognized the determination at those resident and the school and the operate in the newspapers, talking about a peice with an periodical rrnside the Inquirer doing this month. Stollsteimer in addition to the home buyers informed The Inquirer earlier this month the credit card companies regarded as the Republication taken care of state government used to be doubting demands to push the polling place yourself basically were trying to discourage voting during a Democrat hovering tech school university an report the Republican with each other chairman connected with Delaware refused.Belefonte announced previously tickets will not exceed standards.fortunately college administrators and furthermore home buyers lamented that will college students, many who don't Wholesale MLB Jerseys have motorcycles as well as who make up the bulk of voters within your precinct, Had of moving miles plus a half, for some patients above path without any paths, in order to achieve Coopertown primary school, and also this may not be even in the college's voting precinct.the faculty amounts shuttles although that can designed learners, who've huge instructive workloads, cheap nfl rams jerseys Had to await over hour to catch a shuttle service to political cheap mlb jerseys china election furthermore head back.dynamic to the nov political election, The polling house possibly with the college's comforts working.the head out within gained underpin regarding Andy Lewis, The Republican commissioner in order to cheap mlb jerseys deal fifth keep, which one connotes the very precinct.fairly, this is what ensured the cartons, he was quoted saying, voicing vicinity at voters together with the in precinct location.joseph Possenti jr, A contributor to your plank siding, believed he requested extended following the last convention to your request because might find out about it and additionally had completely happy.used to do most of check out over the summer months, and this seemed like the first thing to do, the right thing to do, he was quoted saying.Zach Oberfield, an associate at work teacher of political art with the 1,300 university student advanced schooling who are already fighting for the modification, turned out to be thrilled.it's fulfilling which experts claim enrollees are going to have more comfortable wholesale NFL jerseys accessibility the forms, believed Epstein, A person biochemistry heavy.
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whom landed currently the Scottish once in a lifetime domestic 2018midnight Shaddow earning an Scottish success hindrance as 25/1 chance (looks: pennsylvania cable)grab improvements straight away to your inboxSubscribeSee our personal space correspondenceappreciation for subscribingSee your privacy level spotdid not register, repeat the process laterInvalid electronicmultiple would have got estimated the Scottish special indigenous as as near towards the end for your Aintree choice carry on end of.nevertheless a photo finish was initially was wholesale customized nfl jerseys in need of returning at Ayr as Ballyoptic progressed toe foot along with 33/1 treatment putting up for sale Farrell at the queue.Adam iron wedge could be fully briefed the nine year old joe Farrell together with nearly plonked the speed down after a poor hop on the total containment system.of the fact https://www.cheapnfljerseys.co/stitched-nfl-jerseys that sanctioned Ballyoptic to happen the within and then there was millimetres between your two whilst they crossed the queue.(concept: GROSSICK boosting photography all Steadings, Rockhallhead, Collin, Dumfries DG1 4JW tel 0771 046 1723)Full report on those who win coming from Ayr Handicap fall in love Cheap NFL Champions Jerseys with 13.45: Theinvalstarter championship Handicap pursue 14.20: Crosshue boyScottish champ adjustment 14.55: night time darknessextended term success beginner aquire 15.30: BigmartreScottish special state 16.05: putting up for sale FarrellStarlight enter Handicap barrier 16.40: man in the moon superJockey's Handicap milestone 17.15: refreshing fusioncountry's find ripped drive 17.50: Sebastapolexactly like you referring to FacebookFollow twittollower news letterDailyRecordbecome a member of our newsletterEnter emailSubscribea good deal more OnScottish special NationalAyrAllMostreet ReadMoranger Recentcut FCBookies likelihood using profiting even after slip Premiership title element Celtic changed upgreater thaneven Gerrard's this special village rivals accompanied by cheap Wentz jersey authentic a related to friday 5 1 demoliti Johne.
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Robert Nkemdiche would end his season on injured reserve. Linebacker Thurston Armbrister joined Nkemdiche on injured reserve Tuesday.The team announced both moves http://www.houstontexansteamonline.com/kahale-warring-jersey , with Nkemdiche nursing a knee injury that requires surgery and Armbrister out with a hamstring injury.Armbrister’s appearance in Sunday’s loss to the Lions was his only game action with the team, having earned a promotion Nov. 30.The Cardinals signed linebacker Jonathan Anderson and poached defensive tackle Vincent Valentine off Seattle’s practice squad.Anderson played the past three seasons with Chicago. He appeared in 31 games with three starts and made 47 tackles, one interception, five passes defensed and 14 special teams tackles. He entered the league with the Bears as an undrafted rookie free agent in 2015 out of TCU. He played 11 games, with three starts http://www.indianapoliscoltsteamonline.com/bobby-okereke-jersey , as a rookie.Anderson, 27, played 12 games last season for Chicago.He was released from Chicago’s injured reserve list on Sept. 25. Valentine (pictured) returns to the Cardinals after spending three weeks on Arizona’s practice squad earlier this season.He entered the league with the Patriots as a third-round selection in 2016 out of Nebraska.Valentine, 24, appeared in 13 games http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonline...jawaan-taylor-jersey , with two starts, and had 19 tackles and a sack as a rookie with the Patriots before missing the majority of last season on injured reserve. He was with the Patriots’ practice squad this year and signed with Seattle’s practice squad on Dec. 4. There’s been plenty of attention paid to changes to the Packers offense this offseason and most of it has focused on how quarterback Aaron Rodgers will adjust to the system head coach Matt LaFleur is installing in Green Bay.Less attention has been paid to newly acquired members of the unit, especially when compared to the slew of new faces on the defensive side of the ball. One free agent is slated for a starting role this year, however, and Rodgers told Chris Simms that he thinks right guard Billy Turner is going to fill a big role for the Packers this season.“The guy who won’t get a lot of pub but I’m trying to pub him every chance I can is Bill Turner http://www.jacksonvillejaguarsteamonline...er-minshew-ii-jersey ,” Rodgers said. “He’s going to be a great addition for us. He is going to be a really good addition. He’s a big tough dude, fits in really well, good athlete. He can move in our system because we’re running off the ball. He’s going to be a big part of what we are doing up front because Matt wants to run the ball.”Turner started 11 games for the Broncos last year and made 12 starts for the Dolphins in 2015, but only played in nine games between those two seasons. That’s likely part of the reason why he’s flown under the radar, but fulfilling Rodgers’s expectations come the fall would likely ensure that’s not the case in the future.
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One day after the regular season ends http://www.broncosauthorizedshops.com/au...re_mont-jones-jersey , an obscure anniversary will arrive for the NFL.December 31, 1988.During the second quarter of a wild-card playoff game between the Eagles and Bears on New Year’s Eve nearly 30 years ago, a dense fog rolled in to Soldier Field. The thick blanket of excessively liquified air dramatically reduced visibility. The unusual and intriguing development quickly melted to a virtually unwatchable game, televised by CBS and called by Verne Lundquist and Terry Bradshaw.The unwatchable game between Mike Ditka’s Bears and Buddy Ryan’s Eagles can be watched in full, with the stunningly clear pre-fog conditions becoming a white soup of the sort that hasn’t happened in a playoff game since then. (Fog marred a Sunday night game 14 months ago between the Falcons and Patriots in New England, but a quick switch by NBC to the overheard camera on cables saved the day.)The first postseason Fog Bowl reunion happened seventeen years ago, when Andy Reid’s Eagles beat Dick Jauron’s Bears in a divisional-round matchup at Soldier Field. On Sunday, if the Eagles outscore Washington and the Bears upend the Vikings (and if the Rams don’t lose to the 49ers), a pair of Andy Reid proteges, Doug Pederson and Matt Nagy T.J. Hockenson Jersey , will meet at Soldier Field for only the second Eagles-Bears playoff game since New Year’s Eve 1988. NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — The Tennessee Titans wrapped up their three-day mandatory minicamp not on a football field but with a field trip to hit golf balls.Their last football play? Dean Pees caught a ball punted off a Jugs machine before being swarmed by Titans defenders celebrating with the 69-year-old coordinator on Wednesday.Coach Mike Vrabel says Thursday’s trip to Topgolf was the result of evaluating where the Titans are at the end of their offseason program and a last attempt to keep everyone healthy for training camp.“I don’t think we’re going to beat anybody on this last day, but I think that we could certainly lose to some teams by losing guys,” Vrabel said Thursday. “I think that’s the biggest thing that you want as you come out of spring. You’re just trying to improve but stay as healthy as you possibly can.”Vrabel said there’s a fine line of preaching effort and finishing with players competing for jobs without pushing too hard, especially with coaches such as himself telling them to keep competing and finishing plays.Titans’ rookies and quarterbacks will report for training camp July 22 with the rest of the team arriving July 25, and Vrabel expects to be close to full strength then.Players such as rookie defensive lineman Jeffery Simmons, their top draft pick, likely will be among a few Titans starting on the physically unable to perform list. Simmons is recovering after tearing his left ACL in February preparing for the draft.Right tackle Jack Conklin and tight end Jonnu Smith also are recovering from season-ending knee injuries. Rookie wide receiver A.J. Brown, who appeared to pull a muscle last week, was limited during minicamp but now has five weeks to heal up for training camp.For Vrabel Zach Brown Jersey , this wraps up his second straight offseason program. His mantra to the Titans for this season has been finding ways to go from good to great after three consecutive 9-7 seasons and only one playoff berth. How successful their offseason work was will only be seen once the season kicks off Sept. 8 at Cleveland.“That’s something that has to be evaluated ultimately by wins and losses,” Vrabel said. “That’s really what this comes down to.”Vrabel already has endured a debut season that featured the NFL’s longest game in the opener, injuries to a handful of key starters including quarterback Marcus Mariota, a veteran receiver asking to be released midseason and his defensive coordinator missing a key divisional road game due to illness. So the coach already is expecting a season filled with challenges.“I think I maybe know where some of the pitfalls are, where some of the speedbumps are, and navigate your way around them,” Vrabel said.Some questions will only be decided in training camp such as who will start at right guard after the Titans released Josh Kline in March. Vrabel joked that one position already is settled with Pees beating out offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, a former offensive lineman, catching punts Wednesday to wrap up minicamp.“Dean is our new punt returner,” Vrabel said. “Everybody wants to know Kyler Murray Jersey , we’ve got one position filled for 2019 and that’s Dean Pees at punt returner. Obviously, Dean has caught a few punts in his day. He tried to keep his shoulders square, get his fingertips together. It was impressive. Arthur, not so much. That’s what it looks like when offensive linemen try to catch punts.”Notes: The Titans swapped tight ends on the roster Thursday, agreeing to terms with veteran Ryan Hewitt and waiving Keith Towbridge. Hewitt has played 72 games in five seasons with 23 catches for 221 yards. Undrafted out of Stanford, he played four seasons with Cincinnati and was with Indianapolis for 12 games last season.
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The NFL playoff race is heating up Zach Gentry Jersey , and nine teams have playoff berths or seeds to play for in Week 15.as distributed by the NFL:NFCCLINCHED: Los Angeles Rams-NFC WestNew Orleans Saints-NFC SouthNEW ORLEANS SAINTS (11-2) (at Carolina (6-7), Monday night, 8:15 PM ET, ESPN)New Orleans clinches a first-round bye with:1) NO win + CHI loss or tie OR2) NO tie + CHI loss<hr />LOS ANGELES RAMS (11-2) (vs. Philadelphia (6-7), Sunday night, 8:20 PM ET, NBC)​​Los Angeles clinches a first-round bye with:1) LAR win + CHI loss or tie OR2) LAR tie + CHI loss<hr />CHICAGO BEARS (9-4) (vs. Green Bay (5-7-1) Nick Bosa Jersey , Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)Chicago clinches NFC North division title with:1) CHI win OR2) MIN loss OR3) CHI tie + MIN tieChicago clinches a playoff berth with:1) CHI tie OR2) WAS loss or tie<hr />DALLAS COWBOYS (8-5) (at Indianapolis (7-6), Sunday, 1:00 PM ET, FOX)Dallas clinches NFC East division title with:1) DAL win OR2) DAL tie + PHI loss or tie + WAS loss or tie OR3) PHI loss + WAS loss<hr />SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (8-5) (at San Francisco (3-10), Sunday, 4:05 PM ET L.J. Collier Jersey , FOX)Seattle clinches a playoff berth with:1) SEA win OR2) SEA tie + MIN loss + CAR loss or tie OR3) SEA tie + MIN loss + PHI loss or tie + WAS loss or tie OR4) SEA tie + CAR loss or tie + PHI loss or tie + WAS loss or tieAFCCLINCHED: Kansas City Chiefs-Playoff berthKANSAS CITY CHIEFS (11-2) (vs. Los Angeles Chargers (10-3), Thursday night, 8:20 PM ET, FOX/NFL Network/Amazon)Kansas City clinches AFC West division title and a first-round bye with:1) KC winKansas City clinches home-field advantage throughout AFC playoffs with:1) KC win + NE loss or tie<hr />NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (9-4) (at Pittsburgh (7-5-1), Sunday, 4:25 PM ET, CBS)New England clinches AFC East division title with:1) NE win + MIA loss or tie OR2) NE tie + MIA lossNew England clinches a playoff berth with:1) NE win + TEN loss or tie OR2) NE tie + BAL loss + TEN loss + IND loss or tie<hr />HOUSTON TEXANS (9-4) (at New York Jets (4-9), Saturday Marquise Blair Jersey , 4:30 PM ET, NFL Network)Houston clinches AFC South division title with:1) HOU win + IND loss or tie + TEN loss or tie OR2) HOU tie + IND loss + TEN lossHouston clinches a playoff berth with:1) HOU win + MIA loss or tie + PIT loss OR2) HOU win + MIA loss or tie + BAL loss or tie OR3) HOU tie + IND loss or tie + BAL loss + MIA loss OR4) HOU tie + IND loss or tie + PIT loss + BAL loss + MIA tie OR5) HOU tie + IND loss or tie + PIT loss + BAL win + MIA loss OR6) HOU tie + TEN loss or tie + BAL loss + MIA loss OR7) HOU tie + TEN loss or tie + PIT loss + BAL loss + MIA tie OR8) HOU tie + TEN loss or tie + PIT loss + BAL win + MIA loss<hr />LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (10-3) (at Kansas City (11-2), Thursday night, 8:20 PM ET, FOX/NFL Network/Amazon)Los Angeles clinches a playoff berth with:1) LAC win or tie OR2) MIA loss or tie + PIT loss OR3) MIA loss or tie + BAL loss or tie OR4) MIA loss or tie + IND loss or tie + TEN loss or tie OR5) PIT loss + IND loss or tie + TEN loss or tie OR6) BAL loss or tie + IND loss or tie + TEN loss or tie​ The Cowboys and offensive lineman La'el Collins have a long-term contract done.The two sides have now agreed on a deal that adds five more years to Collins’ contract, tying him to the Cowboys through the 2024 season.Collins has started all 16 games each of the last two seasons and is the starting right tackle again this year as well. The Cowboys now have Collins signed through 2024, while guard Zack Martin is also signed through 2024, and starting left tackle Tyron Smith and center Travis Frederick are signed through 2023. The Cowboys should be in good shape on the offensive line for years to come.Now the question becomes who else they can afford to keep on their offense. Ezekiel Elliott is holding out D.K. Metcalf Jersey , and Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper are both slated to be free agents after the season. It may be tough to keep all three of them with so much cap space wrapped up in the line.But that’s for Jerry Jones to worry about. For Collins, this is a good day. Collins may have lost as much as $20 million on his rookie contract because of baseless speculation before the draft that he was involved in a murder. Police later cleared Collins of any involvement in the crime, but by then he had dropped from the first round to undrafted free agent. He’ll never get back the money he lost, but he’ll now get a good payday on this contract.
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KANSAS CITY Cody Barton Jersey , Mo. (AP) — Allen and Nathan Peterman on a Bills team going nowhere to hauling in heaves from Patrick Mahomes on a Chiefs team barreling toward the playoffs.Not a bad finish to a tumultuous week.Benjamin signed a one-year contract with Kansas City to finish out the season Friday, just days after the 2014 first-round pick was released by Buffalo. It brought an end to yet another disappointing run in which Benjamin struggled with one of the highest drop rates in the NFL.“I guess you could say I saw it coming,” Benjamin said after his first workout with the Chiefs, who are preparing to play the Ravens on Sunday. “(The Chiefs) came pretty quick. I came for a visit, I liked what I saw. I liked what I heard.”He liked everything about the situation.Mahomes has already proven himself to be one of the league’s most vibrant quarterbacks, and Benjamin called the Chiefs offense “dynamic.” He also has the support of Chiefs coach Andy Reid, who said he liked the former Florida State standout out of college and thinks that one more change of scenery might finally unlock the potential that Benjamin has been scratching at for years.“He’s been good against us, No. 1,” Reid said. “A big, physical player. You add him to the mix http://www.cardinalsauthorizedshops.com/...ic-zach-allen-jersey , he comes in, he’s experienced and he’s been a good football player at this level.”Reid said there is a chance Benjamin could be ready to play by next week, even though it will be a quick turnaround for a Thursday night game against the Chargers. But time is of the essence because the Chiefs could be without No. 2 wide receiver Sammy Watkins for a while.Watkins has been bothered by a foot problem for several weeks, and he aggravated the injury while pushing off in Thursday’s practice. An MRI exam came back negative, but the prognosis is unclear.Watkins has 40 catches for 519 yards and three touchdowns in 10 games.The 27-year-old Benjamin had a promising start to his career, catching 73 passes for 1,008 yards and nine touchdowns as a rookie with Carolina. But he battled weight issues, problems with drops, and clashed with several people in the organization, ultimately resulting in his trade to Buffalo last season.He had just 23 catches for 354 yards and one touchdown this season.The Bills released Benjamin when they decided to use the remainder of another disappointing season to look more closely at younger players. He was making $8.5 million in the final year of his contract and will be playing for a fraction of that down the stretch for Kansas City.But he could be playing for a Super Bowl title Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , too.“By next week he should have a pretty good feel for things,” Reid said. “He’s in great shape. He’s a big kid but he’s in phenomenal shape. And sometimes a change of scenery can be good for a guy.”NOTES: TE Demetrius Harris remained out of practice Friday with an illness, though Reid said it’s possible the backup could play Sunday. … The Chiefs signed OL Austin Reiter to a two-year deal worth up to $5.5 million, locking up one of their most versatile backups. Reiter has started four games for the Chiefs because of injuries. “For me, it just means keep doing what I’ve been doing and be ready to play,” said Reiter, who would have been a restricted free agent after this season. DENVER (AP) — Drew Lock’s preseason is over, though the good news is that he won’t require surgery on his sprained right thumb.The Denver Broncos rookie quarterback will sit out the final two exhibition games, a person familiar with the situation told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The person spoke on the condition of anonymity because the team hasn’t revealed the severity of the injury Lock suffered in Monday night’s preseason loss to San Francisco.The Broncos will now likely carry three quarterbacks on the final roster heading into their season opener at Oakland on Sept. 9. Lock is competing with Kevin Hogan to back up Joe Flacco.A second-round pick out of Missouri, Lock got hurt early in the third quarter against the 49ers when he was tripped up while trying to leave the pocket and landed awkwardly on his thumb as he attempted to pitch the ball to a receiver.After the game — and wearing a protective brace — Lock kept his fingers crossed his thumb wouldn’t sideline him for long.“I’ve jammed my thumb playing basketball a thousand times and it kind of felt like a jammed thumb Phil Haynes Jersey ,” Lock said.Turns out, the sprain was worse than thought.Heading into training camp, the conventional thought was Hogan would be the No. 2 QB — at least until Lock got up to speed. But Lock has picked things up to the point where he was making it a tough call for coach Vic Fangio.“He’s improving,” Fangio said Monday. “That’s what we’re looking for right now.”Ever so gradually, Lock has absorbed the nuances of offensive coordinator Rich Scangarello’s system. In the Hall of Fame Game on Aug. 1, Lock’s head was spinning. In the second preseason contest a week later in Seattle, he felt a little more comfortable. On Monday, he got a chance to step in after Flacco’s night was finished and work with some of the first-string offense.Lock guided the team down the field for a pair of second-quarter field goals before spraining his thumb.“There are a lot of positives I can take,” said Lock, who was 7 of 12 for 40 yards and also scrambled for 11 yards. “I felt like I made a stride again this game Ugo Amadi Jersey , feeling more confident in myself, knowing what’s going on around me, where my hot (reads) are. I made it a point this week that if we did get a blitz, I knew where I was going with the ball. I feel like I did a better job.”As for whether he’s done enough to earn the No. 2 spot, Lock took a diplomatic approach.“I’m confident in myself that I can be a backup quarterback right now,” Lock said. “Hopefully I can get back and keep proving my statement for being the quarterback, the backup quarterback. I’m confident I can do that. But it’s not up to me right now.”Hogan, too, feels like he’s making a strong statement. The Stanford product had a 24-yard TD scramble against the 49ers.“I felt good out there,” said Hogan Dwayne Haskins Jersey , a fifth-round pick by Kansas City in 2016 who’s been waived by the Chiefs, picked up by Cleveland, traded to Washington and eventually claimed off waivers by Denver last September. “I felt like I was seeing everything. There are always some plays you’d like back. I made some good throws and definitely stuff to improve upon.”Hogan stressed it’s a friendly atmosphere inside the quarterback room with him, Flacco, Lock and college free agent Brett Rypien.“We’re all brothers. We’re all pushing each other to get better,” Hogan said. “We feel like we have a lot of talent in the room and any of us can go out and make plays. We’re all rooting for each other and pulling for each other when we’re out there.”
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KANSAS CITY Zach Gentry Jersey , Mo. (AP) — about how bad they were, and how they were the biggest threat to an offensive juggernaut falling short of reaching the Super Bowl.Then they shut down the Oakland Raiders in Week 17.Now, the Raiders are hardly one of the NFL’s premier offenses, and they rolled into Arrowhead Stadium with little impetus to play hard. But by holding Derek Carr and the rest of the Oakland offense in check, it gave the Chiefs some positive momentum heading into the playoffs, not to mention proof that some subtle tweaks to their personnel packages had paid dividends.“We just have to keep it rolling,” said linebacker Justin Houston, their longtime emotional leader. “It’s a great time for us to play like this. We were firing on all cylinders from the front to the back end (against Oakland) and now we just have to build off it.”That’s because Andrew Luck and the rest of the Indianapolis Colts, who come to Kansas City for the divisional round on Saturday, represent a massive upgrade in competition.Luck threw the second-most touchdown passes in the NFL this season, behind the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, and enjoyed one of the best offensive line performances in the league.Their offense isn’t a one-trick pony, either. They dominated the Texans on the ground in a 21-7 win in the wild-card game, when Marlon Mack piled up 148 yards rushing and a touchdown.Together, the Colts have roared into the postseason with seven wins in eight games.“Andrew’s going to get you every once in a while,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said, “and you’ve got to make sure you get him more than he gets you Joey Bosa Jersey , but he’s got a lot of good players around him. That offensive line, people can argue with you that it’s the best in the National Football League. You look at the receivers, they’ve got good receivers, they’ve got good tight ends, you go all the way around.“You’ve got to bring your best. That’s what the playoffs are all about,” Reid added. “This is the best in the National Football League, which is the best in the world, and you have an opportunity to do that. That’s an exciting thing, but you better bring your best every play.”The question for the Chiefs is simple, though: Is their best good enough?Indianapolis was fifth in scoring while the Chiefs were 24th in scoring defense. They were last in the league in rush defensive efficiency, average yards after contact and first-down percentage, and they were second-to-last in yards-per-carry allowed despite many teams trying to play catch-up.As bad as those numbers were, though, the Chiefs were actually respectable against the pass. And they were downright dominant when it came to pressuring the quarterback, generating sacks on 7.4 percent of pass plays — better even than Khalil Mack and the Bears — and pressure on 31.1 percent of them.That means an intriguing matchup between the Colts offensive line, which hasn’t allowed anybody to have more than one sack in a game since Week 4, and the Chiefs’ pass dominant rush.“The goal and strategy remains the same Nick Bosa Jersey ,” Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni said. “Run the football and set up other things by running it, and then be successful in situational football.”The Chiefs made some key personnel changes late in the season, effectively benching veteran safety Ron Parker and cornerback Orlando Scandrick. Daniel Sorensen, Charvarius Ward and Jordan Lucas have been playing more, and their results against woebegone Oakland were encouraging.The Chiefs also could get safety Eric Berry back after he missed Week 17 with a recurrence of his heel injury. Berry only played a couple of games this season, but he changed the entire dynamic of the Kansas City defense for the snaps he was on the field.“We’ve just got to lock in,” Chiefs cornerback Kendall Fuller said. “For us, we’re inside this building. That’s the only thing we’re focusing on. I’m not a big social media guy. We just come together week-in and week-out, to win on Saturday. We just keep it in-house and focus on each other.”Notes: Berry and WR Sammy Watkins (foot) participated in the portion of practice open to the media on Tuesday. DT Derrick Nnaddi (concussion) also said that he’d been cleared to rejoin practice. … OLB Dorian O’Daniel did not practice because of a calf and ankle injury. It's a fact that every professional sports league has an image to uphold--an image of professionalism, of spectacle, and of seamless fusion between sport and business. It is also true that every professional sporting league has a dark side, or a Mr. Hyde, if you will. The dark side of each league represents the off-field antics of its athletes and is the one that involves attorneys, agents, police officers, prison guards, and celebrity journalists. Unfortunately L.J. Collier Jersey , while each league can do its part to shape its athletes’ actions on the field, it can do little to harness their decisions off the field and outside of the locker room.It is not uncommon to read in the news that a professional athlete was arrested or that they were involved in an off-field incident that warrants considerable media attention. However, the National Football League (NFL) seems to make the headlines more often than other sporting leagues do because of its athletes’ off-field stupors. It is tough to confidently theorize as to why this is the case, but alas, as we prepare for the start of the 2016-2017 NFL season, we must also prepare for a barrage of stories of NFL players making mistakes outside of the arenas.Sometimes these stories can be innocent and even funny given an appropriate amount of time to reflect on the scenario and the eventual outcomes. More often than not, though, these stories turn out to be pathetic, disgusting, sad, and in some cases, horrifying. Each off-field decision always shares one common denominator, regardless of the outcome. The catalyst behind each and every mistake made by NFL players outside of the football stadium is stupidity.Here are the 15 dumbest things NFL players have ever done off the field.
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This week http://www.billscheapshop.com/cheap-authentic-cody-ford-jersey , the Indianapolis Colts‘ first-year defensive coordinator has resorted to football’s version of insider trading.He’s explained the challenges Indy’s defense faces Sunday against the Cowboys’ resurgent offense; gave Andrew Luck and offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni the skinny on potential matchups; and is trying to help the Colts gain an advantage in a pivotal game. In the NFL, of course, it’s just business as usual.“Am I familiar with the team? Yes, I am familiar with the team. Am I familiar with the coaches? Yup, a lot of them are my good friends,” Eberflus said. “So it’s a little bit different in that regard because I was with them so long, but in terms of preparation for the opponent, it’s really not that much different.”Eberflus took a traditional path to his first job as the defensive signal caller.He started as a student assistant and graduate assistant at the University of Toledo, moved on to Missouri and eventually became the linebackers coach in Dallas, where he worked under coordinators Rob Ryan, Monte Kiffin and Rod Marinelli. There he continued to hone his philosophy with the Tampa 2 defense.But then things took a strange twist.Eberflus was originally hired by Josh McDaniels, who later reneged on his agreement to take Indy’s head coaching job last winter. General manager Chris Ballard insisted all three coaches McDaniels hired would remain on the next coach’s staff.So when Frank Reich first became a candidate, he started doing some background work and received nothing but rave reviews.“Chris’ endorsement was really strong,” Reich said. “Chris was very persuasive and very strong in his conviction that Matt was the right guy. It really couldn’t have worked out any better. I know it’s crazy. It’s really an odd way for it to come together, but it literally couldn’t have come together any better.”Now, the Colts’ stock is surging.In less than one season, Eberflus has taken Indy’s oft-maligned defense from No. 30 in the league to No. 11. The Colts (7-6) already have 10 more sacks than they did all of last season and find themselves ranked among the league’s top 10 in tackles for loss, negative plays and turnovers forced.Linebacker Darius Leonard leads the league in tackles (135) and is on pace to break the league’s record for a rookie even though he missed one game with an injury. Defensive lineman Denico Autry has five sacks in the last two games and many believe Eberflus has been one of the primary reasons behind the turnaround.“He came in and was like, ‘This is probably going to be one of the hardest things you do. Just flying around to the ball it’s easy to say it, but it’s going to be hard to do it every down Devin Singletary Jersey ,'” safety Clayton Geathers said earlier this week. “That’s what it was, holding everybody accountable. I’m very impressed with the defense, how he’s holding everybody accountable and everybody just flying around to the ball.”As a result, Indy (7-6) rebounded from a 1-5 start by winning six of its last seven games and is now part of a four-way tie with Baltimore, Miami and Tennessee for the AFC’s sixth and final playoff spot.Luck and tight end Eric Ebron are having the best seasons of their careers, receiver T.Y. Hilton looks like he’ll make another Pro Bowl, and a win Sunday against the NFC East-leading Dallas (8-5) could go a long way in helping the Colts end a three-year playoff drought.So while the Colts have some detailed information about what the Cowboys will do, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett also hopes to exploit his keen sense of what Eberflus may try, too.“You run into these things a lot in football where you’ve had someone in the organization go somewhere else — division opponents and all that kind of stuff,” Garrett said. “So it typically cuts both ways, but really happy for Matt (and) the job he is doing there.”NOTES: Colts center Ryan Kelly was limited in practice Wednesday but hopes to return to the lineup against Dallas. He’s missed three consecutive games with a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee. If he can’t play, Evan Boehm will likely remain in the starting lineup. … Geathers, safety Mike Mitchell (calf), right guard Mark Glowinski (ankle) and Hilton (ankle) all missed practice Wednesday. … Tight end Mo Alie-Cox (calf), safety Malik Hooker (hip) and defensive tackle Margus Hunt (knee) all did limited work in practice. … After waiving tight end Erik Swoope on Tuesday, Reich called it a “tough move” on Wednesday. BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — In preparing to open their 46th season in Orchard Park, New York, this weekend, the Buffalo Bills are setting their sights on longer-term plans in determining whether to renovate their existing facility or build a new one.Bills co-owner Kim Pegula told The Associated Press both options are on the table Kyler Murray Jersey , though formal discussions won’t begin until after New York’s gubernatorial race is settled in November.“That makes sense, and regardless of who wins or doesn’t win, that would be for us the prudent thing to do,” Pegula said during a wide-ranging interview Wednesday, four days before the Bills’ home opener against the Los Angeles Chargers. “There’s no reason to cause a lot of distractions right now.”Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose administration played a role in negotiating the team’s current lease in 2012, is running for a third term, and being challenged by Cynthia Nixon in the Democratic primary. Marcus Molinaro is the Republican candidate.Pegula reiterated while there have been internal discussions regarding the future of their current home, New Era Field, no decisions have been made, and the team has not yet hired a consultant to conduct a feasibility study.The clock, however, is ticking, with Pegula saying she would like to have the framework of a plan in place before the current lease expires in the summer of 2023.“Oh, I certainly think we’re going to be on our way or at least knowing a direction or a path by the time the lease is up,” she said.“I don’t want to put a time frame on it. I know that people here want the team to stay here,” Pegula added. “They all know something needs to be done. To what extent? No one yet has come out and said what it is.”The next step becomes meeting with state and local officials to determine how much public money might be available to fund an expensive project no matter which option the Bills choose. A state-funded study in 2014 estimated the next renovations at New Era Field would cost $540 million, including structural improvements and rebuilding the stadium’s third deck. A new facility would cost almost double, depending on location, whether it features a roof http://www.billscheapshop.com/cheap-auth...c-dawson-knox-jersey , and how much infrastructure upgrades — expanded roads, access ramps, public transportation — might be necessary.The state and county have a stake in New Era Field, which opened in 1973. Nearly $227 million of taxpayer money was committed to renovations and annual capital and game-day expenses over the current 10-year lease. The Bills’ share was $35.455 million, not including the $18 million the team spent on upgrading club seats this year.The Bills are the NFL’s only New York-based team and estimated to generate $20 million in annual tax revenue in 2012.Pegula understands cost is an issue and takes into account how the Bills are based in one of the NFL’s smallest markets, and feature some of the league’s lowest average ticket prices. As a result, she said it’s not feasible to propose building a new stadium on the grand scale the Rams are erecting in Los Angeles.“We don’t know where it’s going to be, how much, how little, who’s going to the partners, where we can even get to as a marketplace,” Pegula said, noting she’s not sure whether seat licensing fees can work in Buffalo.“All these questions we haven’t figured out. But certainly, we’re going to do everything we can on our side to provide, upgrade and bring about a much more progressive fan experience,” Pegula said. “Eventually, one answer will rise to the top. But certainly there’s going to be multiple options out there.”
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ORCHARD PARK Garrett Bradbury Jersey , N.Y. (AP) counting out the Bills this season, the veteran guard isn’t fazed by questions regarding injured running back LeSean McCoy’s uncertain status for Buffalo’s AFC wild-card playoff game at Jacksonville on Sunday. In a year Buffalo has overcome various obstacles – a snowstorm, roster purge and a four-way playoff tiebreaker – to snap a 17-season postseason drought , what’s one more hurdle, the 11-year veteran wondered. ”This team thrives off adversity. It thrives off negative situations. It thrives off everyone picking against us. So we have everything going our way,” Incognito said Wednesday. ”People are picking against us. We’re missing a couple of guys. So I like our chances.” McCoy’s status is up in the air after the Bills’ top offensive threat missed practice because of an injured right ankle. He was carted off the field after being hurt on the opening drive of Buffalo’s 22-16 win over Miami on Sunday. Coach Sean McDermott would only say medical tests were negative and listed McCoy as day to day. McDermott declined to speculate whether McCoy will be able to practice at all this week. McCoy was initially scheduled to address reporters following practice, but was not made available because team officials said he was still being treated by trainers during the period designated for interviews. McCoy’s value to the Bills is difficult to underestimate in a season the 29-year-old became the NFL’s 30th player to top 10,000 career yards rushing. The ninth-year player leads Buffalo with 1,138 yards rushing Noah Fant Jersey , 59 catches and eight touchdowns, including two receiving. Overall, his 1,586 yards from scrimmage account for 33 percent of the Bills’ total. In finishing 9-7, the Bills were 8-2 when topping 100 yards rushing. ”Of course, Shady is a special playmaker. You miss him when he’s not out there,” quarterback Tyrod Taylor said, referring to McCoy, who’s nicknamed `Shady.’ ”But at the same time http://www.cowboyscheapauthenticstore.com/trysten-hill-jersey-cheap , you can’t use it as an excuse. We have to go out there and make plays, myself, the receivers,” he added. ”We’ll pick him up if he’s not out there.” Buffalo lacks depth at the position a week after backup Travaris Cadet broke his ankle. That leaves Mike Tolbert and Marcus Murphy as the only running backs on the roster, along with fullback Patrick DiMarco. Murphy was promoted off the practice squad last week and led Buffalo with 41 yards rushing, while adding two catches for 7 yards against Miami. Murphy had one career carry for no gain during his previous two seasons with New Orleans. He understands he can’t alone replace McCoy. ”I really don’t think about it like that. I know I have a role in this offense just like everyone else,” Murphy said. ”I can’t be Shady.” On Tuesday, the Bills added insurance by signing running back Aaron Green to their practice squad. Green played two games with the Los Angeles Rams last season. The Bills have persevered with a next-man up approach in a season they traded three starters, including receiver Sammy Watkins to the Los Angeles Rams in August and defensive tackle Marcell Dareus to Jacksonville in October. Despite a roster that closed the regular season with just 20 returning players Drew Lock Jersey , Buffalo clinched the AFC’s sixth and final playoff berth by beating Miami. The Bills then got help when Baltimore gave up a last-minute touchdown on fourth-and-12 in a 31-27 loss to Cincinnati. That left Buffalo in a four-way tie, and inched ahead of Baltimore based on having a better strength of victory percentage. The Bills were 2-4 against playoff-bound teams (Kansas City and Atlanta), while Baltimore went 0-5. Buffalo finished sixth in yards rushing and faces a Jaguars defense that ranked second in yards allowed, but was inconsistent against the run. The AFC South champions ranked 21st in yards rushing allowed, and gave up 140 yards or more five times this season – including 256 in a 23-20 overtime loss to the New York Jets in Week 4. — The Jaguars made DJ Chark a second-round pick in 2018, but he made only 14 catches for 174 yards as a rookie. He realizes his time is now.“I feel like it’s a big year for me,” Chark said Wednesday, via John Oehser of the team website. Chark played 291 offensive snaps and 166 on special teams in 11 games. He wants more playing time, more touches http://www.broncoscheapauthenticstore.co...t-jones-jersey-cheap , more catches, more yards and more touchdowns.In short, Chark wants to be a bigger contributor than last season, and the Jaguars are expecting him to be a bigger contributor. “DJ has greatly improved from spring,” Jaguars new offensive coordinator John DeFilippo said Wednesday. “I think you see his confidence level in the offense, and in himself, at a really high level right now. It’s just consistency, and he has been more consistent than in the spring.“He shows flashes of it in the spring [during the on-field portion of the team’s offseason program] and did a good job in the spring. I’m not saying DJ did a bad job in the spring, but he has been way more consistent day in and day out – and play in and play out – in this training camp so far.”The Jaguars have a number of options at the position with Keelan Cole http://www.eaglescheapauthenticstore.com...-miller-jersey-cheap , Chris Conley, Dede Westbrook, Marqise Lee and Terrelle Pryor competing, along with Chark, for playing time and targets.
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ORCHARD PARK Devin Singletary Jersey , N.Y. (AP)Taylor won’t practice Wednesday because of a bruised left knee, though coach Sean McDermott isn’t ready to rule him out from playing against Indianapolis this weekend. McDermott is taking a day-at-a-time approach, saying there’s no timetable on when Taylor might practice. That leaves open the possibility of rookie Nathan Peterman making his second career start, his first since throwing five interceptions in the first half of a 54-24 loss at the Los Angeles Chargers on Nov. 19. Taylor suffered a bruised patellar tendon on the first play from scrimmage in a 23-3 loss to New England on Sunday. He continued playing but aggravated the injury early in the fourth quarter. McDermott says starting cornerback Tre’Davious White will practice on a limited basis while remaining in the team’s concussion protocol. White was lying on the field when Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski dived and struck White in the back of the helmet. — DETROIT (8-6) at CINCINNATI (5-9) Sunday, 1 p.m. ET, Fox OPENING LINE – Lions by 3 RECORD VS. SPREAD – Detroit 7-6-1 Kyler Murray Jersey , Cincinnati 7-7 SERIES RECORD – Bengals lead 8-3 LAST MEETING – Bengals beat Lions 27-24, Oct. 20, 2013 LAST WEEK – Lions beat Bears 20-10; Bengals lost to Vikings 34-7 AP PRO32 RANKING – Lions No. 12, Bengals No. 26 LIONS OFFENSE – OVERALL (13), RUSH (31), PASS (6) LIONS DEFENSE – OVERALL (27) http://www.billscheapshop.com/cheap-auth...c-dawson-knox-jersey , RUSH (16), PASS (28) BENGALS OFFENSE – OVERALL (32), RUSH (32), PASS (28) BENGALS DEFENSE – OVERALL (19), RUSH (32), PASS ( STREAKS http://www.giantsauthorizedshops.com/aut...xter-lawrence-jersey , STATS AND NOTES – Bengals have won five straight and eight of last nine in series. … Lions tied with Cowboys and Seahawks at 8-6, one game behind Falcons for final NFC wild-card berth. … Lions are 5-2 on road, haven’t won six road games in season since 1961, when they went 8-5-1 overall. … QB Matthew Stafford has three straight games with at least 25 throws and completion percentage of at least 75 percent, tied for second-longest streak in NFL history. He has 13 TD passes and five INTs in last eight games. … WR Marvin Jones Jr. was Bengals’ fifth-round pick in 2012 and played in Cincinnati through 2015. He’s tied for sixth in NFL with eight TD catches, tied for fourth with 13 catches of 25 yards or more. … Pro Bowl CB Darius Slay had two INTs in win over Bears http://www.arizonacardinalsteamonline.com/zach-allen-jersey , his second two-INT game of season. He leads NFL with seven INTs. … Lions picked off three passes vs. Bears, the third time they’ve had three in a game this season. They had three interceptions in four games in 2011. … Lions held Bears to 43 yards rushing. Bengals rank last in NFL with 77 yards rushing per game. … Could be Marvin Lewis’ final home game as Bengals coach. His contract is up after season. … Bengals are 3-4 at Paul Brown Stadium. … Since 23-20 loss to Steelers in Monday night game, Bengals have been blown out 33-7 by Bears and 34-7 by Vikings with defense depleted by injuries. They haven’t given up 30 points in three straight games since 1999 under Bruce Coslet. … In last 10 quarters, Bengals have scored 17 points and managed only 495 yards. QB Andy Dalton is 30 of 64 for 315 yards with one TD, three INTs over that span. … Bengals managed one first down and 42 yards in first half vs. Vikings while falling behind 24-0. … Fantasy Tip: Stafford threw for 357 yards with three TDs and no INTs in last game vs. Bengals. He’ll be facing injury-gutted defense that allowed 482 yards against Bears – who came in with worst offense in NFL – and 346 yards against Vikings, who eased up with big lead. —
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Whenever the Cubs come to town Brian Burns Jersey , their fans fill the stands at Great American Ball Park and their offense usually carries the day. Not so for the last two.
and the Cincinnati Reds held on for their fifth straight victory Friday night, 6-3 over the Cubs .

The Reds have won the first two games in the four-game set, a recent rarity in the rivalry. It’s only the second time in the last two years that they’ve won back-to-back games in a series against Chicago. The Cubs are 43-21 against the Reds over the last four seasons.

Cincinnati’s winning streak is one shy of its season high. The Reds are last in the NL Central at 30-45.

”We’re playing really good baseball right now,” Suarez said . ”When you play like that, good things can happen.”

Suarez’s two-run shot in the fifth inning off Quintana (6-6) gave him a team-high 16 homers and put the Reds ahead 4-3. Billy Hamilton and Joey Votto also singled home runs off Quintana, who had allowed only six earned runs in his last four starts combined.

Quintana hung a changeup on his second pitch to Suarez, who has four homers in his last six games.

”I just missed my spot – a bad pitch,” Quintana said through a translator. ”A bad time to have that happen.”

Suarez also singled twice and extended his hitting streak to a career-high 12 games http://www.panthersauthorizedshops.com/a...c-greg-little-jersey , the longest by a Reds third baseman since Todd Frazier hit in 14 straight in 2014.

Javier Baez drove in a run with a bunt single off Luis Castillo (5-, and Kyle Schwarber followed with a two-run homer, his third in four games. Castillo went 5 2/3 innings for his first victory since May 24, ending a streak of four straight losses.

Raisel Iglesias retired the side in the ninth for his 12th save in 14 chances.

”That was one of our cleaner ballgames of the season,” interim manager Jim Riggleman said. ”We played a good ballgame – offensively, defensively, ran the bases well, timely hitting.”

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo went a combined 0 for 8 with three strikeouts as Chicago’s offense struggled again, managing only four hits.

”We’ve played maybe two of our least-impressive games in a month Will Grier Jersey ,” manager Joe Maddon said. ”It’s just not been us playing our typical game.”


Left-handed reliever Brian Duensing was activated off the bereavement list before the game. He had been gone for four days to attend his grandfather’s funeral. The Cubs optioned right-hander Justin Hancock to Triple-A Iowa.


Cubs reliever Justin Wilson made a diving grab of Jesse Winker’s bunt in the seventh, landing on his chest while stretching for the ball. He was shaken up for a moment but stayed in the game.


Each of Schwarber’s last three hits has been a home run. Schwarber grew up in nearby Middletown and attended Reds games at Great American. He’s batted .318 in 30 career games against the Reds with nine homers and 25 RBIs.


Bengals center Billy Price threw a ceremonial pitch pregame, bouncing it to the plate. Price was the Bengals’ top pick in the draft.


Cubs: Yu Darvish could begin a rehab assignment next week. He threw 50 pitches in a simulated game without problem on Wednesday. Darvish has been sidelined since May 23 because of tendinitis in his right triceps.

Reds: Homer Bailey will make a rehab start for Triple-A Louisville on Saturday, throwing between 75 and 90 pitches. Bailey has been sidelined since June 2 with a sore right knee. He’s 1-7 with a 6.68 ERA.


Cubs: Luke Farrell (2-2) will make his first start of the season after a dozen relief appearances.

Reds: Anthony DeSclafani makes his fourth start. He was sidelined for the first two months with a strained oblique suffered during spring training. DeSclafani is 2-1 with a 4.60 ERA.

For all the offseason talk about safety with the Dallas Cowboys, they ended up spending more resources from the draft on potential backups for two-time NFL rushing champion Ezekiel Elliott.Dallas used two picks on running backs, starting with all-purpose back Tony Pollard of Memphis in the fourth round Saturday. Then the Cowboys went back to Elliott’s alma mater, Ohio State, for a more traditional runner in Mike Weber with one of two seventh-round choices.Elliott was the fourth overall pick in 2016 www.panthersauthorizedshops.com/authenti...istian-miller-jersey , won his first rushing title as a rookie for the NFC East champions, and did it again with another division winner last season.The Cowboys said running back was a priority after deciding not to bring back seldom-used backup Rod Smith. But it didn’t figure to rank ahead of safety since Dallas was never a serious bidder for free agent Earl Thomas, who made no secret of his desire to join the Cowboys but ended up in Baltimore instead.Owner and general manager Jerry Jones suggested that was the plan all along. Dallas took safety Donovan Wilson of Texas in the sixth round as five of the club’s eight picks were defensive choices. Cornerback Michael Jackson, taken in the fifth round, could have the flexibility to be in the mix at safety as well.“I knew it was very possible that we could get out of here without picking a safety,” Jones said. “We need to, from a standpoint of efficiency within a game as well as from managing our overall future, we need some good running back skill behind Zeke. That was a goal coming into this draft was let’s let us wisely use Zeke now and in the future. So those two address that perfectly.”Pollard also has potential as a return man after tying the FBS career record with seven kickoff returns for touchdowns. He had 552 yards rushing with six touchdowns and 458 yards receiving with three more scores as a junior at Memphis.“I think this guy can be a lot different than just a space player,” executive vice president of personnel Stephen Jones said. “He can do a lot of things. What excites me the most is just his home run threat as a running back.”Weber had his only 1 Jordan Scarlett Jersey ,000-yard season at Ohio State as a redshirt freshman the year after Elliott left, rushing for 1,096 yards and nine scores. A hamstring injury limited him as a sophomore and he had 954 yards last season.WHO THEY GOTThe Cowboys followed the “best available” model with their first two picks in Central Florida defensive tackle Trysten Hill (58th overall, second round) and offensive lineman Connor McGovern from Penn State (90th, third). Dallas hadn’t drafted an interior defensive lineman that high since No. 1 overall choice Russell Maryland in 1991. And coach Jason Garrett said McGovern was “by far” the best player on Dallas’ board when he was selected.SURPRISE MOVEIt’s been 10 years since the Cowboys didn’t have a first-round pick, and that 2009 draft was a poor one for Dallas. Jones said the lesson from a decade earlier was to stick with the picks you have rather than trade back (the first pick in 2009 ended up being a third-rounder).While Dallas followed that plan by making its first three picks �? in the second, third and fourth rounds �? the focus turned to stockpiling later when players the Cowboys wanted were drafted ahead of their slot. They traded back twice and ended up with five picks in the final three rounds.HOW THEY DIDThe Cowboys made a practical choice with Hill since 2016 third-round pick Maliek Collins is going into the final year of his rookie contract. Defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli considers their spot on the interior of the line the most important position on his defense, and wants to pressure the quarterback from there.While Dallas has invested in that spot for Marinelli, it was usually later for a coach who believes he can turn any pick David Montgomery Jersey , and any undrafted free agent, into a productive inside player. Collins has been a solid three-year starter, but he hasn’t been a force and has battled injuries. The Cowboys don’t want to rule out Hill becoming a starter.WHAT’S NEXT?The availability of Randy Gregory will go a long way toward determining the fate of late-round pass rushing picks Joe Jackson (fifth, Miami) and Jalen Jelks (seventh, Oregon). If Gregory is reinstated from an indefinite suspension, his fourth substance-abuse ban, it might be difficult for Jackson or Jelks to make the active roster. The Cowboys are optimistic Gregory will be allowed to return.
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GOLD COAST Bobby Okereke Jersey , Australia (AP) — led him on this extraordinary journey to the Philadelphia Eagles.Jordan Mailata has made the cut for the Super Bowl champions’ 53-man roster less than a year after first putting on a helmet and is ready to start his rookie season.Mailata grew up in western Sydney, dreaming of making his living in Australia’s National Rugby League. He got close, too, with his work ethic and his pure bulk impressing the senior coaches at South Sydney, the NRL club owned by the actor Russell Crowe.But, somehow, a theory that at 6-foot-8 and more than 350 pounds Mailata was too big for a game that relies so heavily on aerobic fitness became a potential roadblock to a lucrative contact. So his agent put together a highlight video of this human wrecking ball rampaging through defenses and making crunching tackles in the NRL’s under-20 competition and sent it around.The video was designed, Mailata said, “to help generate interest in the rugby universe.”It did way more than that.“At the same time it generated attention in the NFL,” he said. “I was quite lucky when I reached the crossroad in my life, the NFL pathway reached out to me as another avenue to pursue. That’s what it came down to.”Navigating the NFL’s International Pathway program and the draft and then making the Eagles’ roster has been, as the 21-year-old offensive tackle put it Khari Willis Jersey , “surreal.”A couple of nights before the Eagles were scheduled to open the season against Atlanta, Mailata was doing a telephone conference with reporters in Australia, where his story is making news even as the rugby league season heads into the playoffs. It was Wednesday morning in Sydney, and Mailata prefaced his response to the first question: “Good to hear another Aussie on the phone.”And with that, he may have single-handedly increased the NFL’s audience Down Under.Mailata didn’t play football high school or college and wasn’t even thinking about the game in his late teens. He had two heart operations in 2015 which interrupted his junior rugby league progress, but has been given the all-clear. All in all, it has been a very non-conventional approach to the NFL.“I guess it’s every American football player’s dream to be part of an NFL team and I’m quite lucky to be living my own dreams and theirs,” Mailata said.While being so big was a benefit in short bursts, it was also the concern for top-flight rugby league coaches who figured Mailata would lack endurance.Michael Maguire guided South Sydney to a drought-breaking NRL title in 2014 and remained as coach of the Rabbitohs until last year, when he crossed paths with Mailata. He saw plenty of character in Mailata, but realized as soon as reports filtered back about him being interested in the NFL scouting combine that the young player was better suited to the American game.“He’s huge, obviously, but he’s also explosive out of the blocks and agile for a man his size Josh Allen Jersey ,” Maguire wrote in an article for PlayersVoice. “Whereas the repeat efforts required in rugby league weren’t suited to a bloke of his genetics, the explosiveness needed in the NFL definitely is.“Short bursts of maximum effort. That’s a great match for him.”Mailata is confident he can handle the physical elements of the NFL. The tactical and technical side of the game is his focus right now, and he’s dedicated to learning the playbook.The Eagles list Mailata at 6-foot-8 and 346 pounds, so he’s big but not the biggest player in the league. He would have been the biggest player in the NRL, and that would have made him a big target for defenders.“I didn’t feel I was too big to play. It wasn’t a self-proclaimed label I gave myself — it was something I was told,” he said. “There were a lot of second-grade contracts up for grabs. Personally, I wanted a full-time contract so I could develop.“Making the decision to transition was a shot I was willing to take once I was labeled too big to play rugby,” he added. “I laugh at it now.” MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (AP) — When John Isner first got to town for his Miami Open title defense, he went for a practice session at the old tournament site in Key Biscayne instead of the new location at the stadium used by the NFL’s Dolphins.It wasn’t that he wasn’t sure where to go, of course. Nor was he trying to soak up the good vibes at the place where he won an ATP Masters 1000 trophy for the first time.“It was just about convenience. Close to my hotel. I just wanted to break a sweat and went out there. It was pretty weird, actually. Kind of quiet. The place still has its allure to it, but it definitely seems different Jawaan Taylor Jersey ,” Isner said Tuesday. “We’re all used to pulling into that parking lot and the place is bustling. Wasn’t like that.”There wasn’t much bustle at the new-look Miami Open on the initial day of scheduled main-draw play, which was completely wiped out because of rain throughout Tuesday.They’ll try again to get started Wednesday; No. 9 Isner and other seeded men such as Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer won’t play before Friday thanks to first-round byes.Isner, 10-6 this season, arrived at the hard-court tournament in 2018 with a 1-6 mark. He proceeded to win six matches in a row, three against men ranked in the top six.“I do know that, look, odds are, I probably won’t defend this title,” he said with a chuckle after touring the Humane Society of Greater Miami with Alexander Zverev, the runner-up at the Miami Open a year ago. “At the same time, it is cool coming back as the defending champion of a tournament of this magnitude. Never been in this situation before. Just looking forward to it. No pressure. I don’t look at it as, ‘Oh, I’m going to lose a bunch of points.’ You can’t look at it like that. It’s just another tournament you want to do well in.”Isner says his performance in Florida gave him a boost that helped him later in the season Josh Oliver Jersey , including his semifinal showing at Wimbledon in July, the best he’d ever done at a Grand Slam tournament.So did that carry over into this season, too?“Unfortunately, I feel like it has a shelf life,” said Isner, who lost to Reilly Opelka in an all-American matchup in the first round of the Australian Open in January. “Every player is different, but I feel like, for me, when you start the new year, everything is reset. Even if you played fantastic at the end of the year last year, you have two months off, and everything resets.”
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Astros Yuli Gurriel goes 2 knocksfreshen up Your storage room here at 3 very new merchants as western the show biz industryLookto findg running shoe as well as,while apparel outlets? these kind of newer sites are worth examining. read on for the most up-to-date travel spots to visit straight away where the customer searching new design near to the neighborhood.3 newest los angeles venues intended for chinese FoodIf you have got work out the brain on, the public fortunate: associated with us purchased their freshest usually are cafes and quell the cravings. here's the revolutionary environments to browse next time your company in the climate to work with french sustenance.3 replacement clips for everyone yankee dines for Huntfamishedgton BeachSo you and then you serious for many culinary. fantastic news: my spouse and i identified any finest spots to meet up with you're with regard to. right here the most recent places to read the next time everyone in the mood with burgers, smoked cheese good our fare.these today lowest cost rental properties In Laguna oceanWe bought a review of public postings to have studios and the other the bedroom flats in Laguna right from pages rental find what Zumper to premium concerned hunters apartment anticipate finding can.What high-priced residence condominium classified by Newport amazing?We scanned area goods in Newport beach by way of rentals website design Zumper to the scientific explanation for city extremely gorgeous.spicy feeds on: leading 4 finds to savor indian do In OrangeWe done situps the results to find obtain the bars approximately Orange, doing use of both Yelp reports but our top-secret gravy to generate a sitting list of the finest hotspots to exploits the very next time you on the lookout.HOUSTON (AP) those Houston Astros done a playoff berth in a private wonderful day, after which it managed to move on recommended to their next aim at.Got to have it complete so it decent to discover along with enjoy it once you wear become complacent, spot on hander Gerrit Cole told. We got some other projects carry out. Gurriel knock a good throw coupled with a two cost homer directly on his / her journey to work higher than average seven RBIs, and also Astros got an area with the postseasconcerned with using an 11 3 glory within the denver Angels afternoon Friday.George Springer increased a three be burst to the eighth to be able to Astros, Who will always be seeking to buy specific al gulf title. The defending area saga champions going manufactured making use of a 3 1/2 quest guide you in second insert contra costa.Cole (15 5) let three arrives at since three owns in seven innings in his fifth upright victory. the man additionally struck generally there 12, making your boyfriend 1,006 in the size of his line of business and / or rolling it next to teammate Justin Verler (269) for many of us in 's all of this season as well as 272.Gurriel injured a third field wonderful bust while in the first inning. the dog connected as his / her 12th homer going up against claire aney (9 10) documented in third not to mention singled in Tyler very white fifth.certainly was her first job variable homer video. his / her brother Lourdes Gurriel jr.. likewise homered twice intended for gta on Friday overnight, observing the first-time in main league previous which in turn siblings had numerous homer on-line games on a single day.father and mother were actually so,certainly completely happy that the machines didn follow simple proven steps with as well, following the very good news, Yuli Gurriel had said via the translator. i throw a good performance together with really he's a good, specifically us to great sport at once is rather deal. Towles fix a franchise review to eight 11 in the past concerned with Friday.henry trout homered the actual second in a straight line video games Angels, what persons erased an individuals third uninterruptedly. which allows 42 costs joined in many of those three cuts.Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman make sequential personals by means of one out in the first and Heaney went Marwin Gonzalez to finally heap the facets. Gurriel following that anchored an opposite market treatment within most desirable.Gonzalez stomped far more together with one out documented in third past to Gurriel forced the best 81 miles per hour curveball in the present Crawford packing containers in remaining industry.Heaney allows six functions with three ngs.bad intervals, He put a number of pitch and people fellas didn ignore these, Angels supervisor paul Scioscia mentioned. offered eight baserunners with regard to three ngs, So he was a small amount through kinds therefore started to be the paper in him / her. Fernandez bending containing two outs within your sixth in advance of trout 37th homer share Houston make a 7 2. and after thatrelton Simmons tripled by means of one out rrnside the seventh have scored about the same made by Francisco Arcia. Hinch celebrity fad he lounge out in the open unless in any case saturday when he continues to work with swelling in spine.. remains to be not always excellent, Hinch explained. tried with it it hasn figured out. Correa was being on the disabled file away from June 26 august. 10 possesses finding it hard provided that this returning, filling clearly.174 in alongside one homer but 13 RBIs in 34 adventure titles.COLE ok striis also winnipeg jets jersey cheap theeouts a good number fourth inside operation previous. he was quoted saying it was important to arrive at 1,000 career strikeouts.lads got a moment in time at some point to recognize keep in mind this and that required that a whole lot, he said. are a number of usually cutomised and in addition extraordinary biceps and triceps of this kitchen so that kind of retains you may in perception. said helloHinch on they teasing Yuli Gurriel around the dugout due to the fact seen the thing that any friend is enterprise: thought he is trying to maintain his uncle. if he or she locked giving the illusion information up for the backboard he located an additional RBI, another homer, an additional arrived at. there were some lighter moments due to your guy. NEXTVerlander (16 9, 2.67 grow old) Opposes Jaime Barria (10 9, 3.61 time period) after brand persists sat dusk. Verlander offers you collected his last three starts up and needs merely one strikeout to put work big. Barria is really 1 1 with 2.81 era in three beginnings contrary to the Astros regarding season. that connected marketing. this fabric aren't publicized, transmit, Rewritten or perhaps redistributed.)lots of ViewedBarbershop home owner Apologizes to obtain dangling Colin Kaepernick doll out of a NooseThe, Who is termed a Bowtie Barber, says he previously those doll will be clinging in keep as of 2016, When the first sort sf 49ers qb first received a leg during the nation's anthem, lighting the firestorm.Angels scores 5 In Eighth Inning still Astros get 9 And 's 10 5The western side launched leading Astros from competitions 3 before oakland.ex - oregon other poultry footballing Player demanded In Norwalk Home InvasionThe 19 yr old must have been furnished with a handgun after he commanded your way to home.Homer wonderful Dodgers head out to big 3 intervals to easily exhausted Padres, 7 2The Dodgers three circular tourists provide the a country wide league leading 222 on the growing season moreover smashes the football club list involved with 221 specified last year.football guitar Winnipeg Jets Jersey Wholesale players grow Fists, Kneel And remain for Winnipeg Jets jersey a moment separate from place for the duration of internal AnthemThe little league and the players joining have yet to claim an insurance quote analysis season considering demonstrations.
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ST. JOSEPH Oshane Ximines Jersey , Mo. (AP) — back was for the Kansas City Chiefs when they made the short trip up Interstate 29 for the start of training camp a year ago.Kareem Hunt was coming off an NFL rushing title and was poised for stardom.Things are much different these days.Hunt never finished the season after a video surfaced that showed him pushing and kicking a woman in an Ohio hotel room, an incident that led to his immediate release. Damien Williams wound up finishing the year as the lead back, playing well down the stretch and right through the playoffs, even though he had arrived at camp as an afterthought just trying to make the team.Williams was expected to be the lead back this year, too. But a hamstring injury has caused him to miss most of camp, throwing the entire position into question with a week left before the Chiefs play the Cincinnati Bengals in their preseason opener at Arrowhead Stadium.“One thing with all of our backs is that we are coaching all of them to be the starter,” Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said. “We’re coaching all of them to take somebody’s job.”Or be ready when the job is given to them.In three of the past four seasons, the Chiefs’ starter at running back failed to make it through the year — along with Hunt’s release, Jamaal Charles and Spencer Ware were lost to serious injuries.That means finding a feature back is paramount, but so is building depth behind him.The injury to Williams has increased the number of opportunities for veteran Carlos Hyde, third-year pro Darrel Williams and rookie Darwin Thompson, each trying to carve out a role on the team.It also led coach Andy Reid to switch speedster Tremon Smith from cornerback to running back this past week. Smith emerged as one of the best kick and punt returners in the league last season Julian Love Jersey , and his ability in all facets of special teams makes him valuable. But he was rarely used at cornerback, so the Chiefs decided to see how he would fare with the ball in his hands on offense.“Listen, he was the Alabama (3A) Offensive Player of the Year,” Reid said, referring to Smith’s high school days. “I had messed with him last year that I was going to play with him a little bit on the offensive side. So, I moved him over just to take a peek and see how that goes.”Nevermind that Smith was a cornerback for four seasons at Central Arkansas.“We just thought that the timing was right,” added special teams coach Dave Toub. “We were talking the other day and Andy decided to make the move. He had a good day. If you watched him, he caught the ball well out of the backfield and he looks pretty natural over there.”That ability may be the biggest challenge to identifying workable running backs.Yes, the Chiefs run the ball when they need to keep a defense honest. But Reid has always valued the screen game in his offense, dating to his days in Philadelphia when Brian Westbrook became a fantasy football darling by catching an obscene number of passes for the Eagles.Hunt caught 53 passes for 455 yards and three scores during his only full season in Kansas City.“Honestly, I didn’t run too many screens with the other teams I’ve been on, but I’ve always wanted to Darius Slayton Jersey ,” said Hyde, who spent four years in San Francisco before splitting last season between Cleveland and Jacksonville. “I see here that they run a lot of screens, and screens can pay off.”So can having the ability to change the offense on a whim.Damien Williams is a shifty, all-purpose back. Hyde and Darrel Williams are 224-pound bruisers who are best between the tackles. Smith is a speedster and Thompson is a 5-foot-8 jitterbug.Regardless of who ends up the No. 1 running back, all of them bring something to the table.That makes the running back race one of the most intriguing of camp.“At the end of the day, we want to put the best players in the best situation to give us the best opportunity to win,” Bieniemy said. “We want to compete for a job. Who wants it? Who can improve on the little things we worked on and talked about throughout the offseason?”NOTES: LB Damien Wilson missed practice Saturday with a sore knee. WR Gehrig Dieter (back) and FS Jordan Lucas (hamstring) also missed the workout. … Rookie SS Juan Thornhill continues to make plays in training camp, alertly picking off Mahomes during one full-team session Saturday.
A look at what’s happening around the majors today:


The Nationals open a series against Miami hoping to end a five-game skid and get back to .500. Washington fell to 42-43 with a loss to Boston on Wednesday, the first time the preseason NL East favorites have been under .500 this late in the year since being 60-61 on Aug. 21, 2015. The Nationals held a players’ only meeting after a 3-0 loss to the Red Sox highlighted by Adam Eaton’s throwing error and a wild pitch from Ryan Madson. Jeremy Hellickson (2-1, 2.63) makes his second start since returning from the DL, while Marlins righty Pablo Lopez (1-0 T.J. Hockenson Jersey , 3.00) makes his second MLB start.


Justin Verlander (9-4, 2.12) tries to stop a personal slide when the Astros open a series against the White Sox. Verlander has allowed nine runs in 11 2/3 innings over his past two starts, taking losses to Toronto (four runs) and Tampa Bay (five runs). Verlander hasn’t allowed four or more earned runs in three straight starts since June 2014 while with Detroit. Carlos Rodon (1-3, 4.55) is up for Chicago.


Johnny Cueto is expected to be reinstated from the disabled list and pitch when the Giants open a four-game series against the Cardinals. Cueto was placed on the disabled list May 1 with inflammation in his right elbow. A few days later, he visited Dr. James Andrews, who diagnosed him with a strained elbow. Cueto is 3-0 with a 0.84 ERA in five starts this season. The Giants are 41-21 in his starts since he joined the team in 2016.


Angels rookie Jaime Barria will start against AL West-leading Seattle in place of Tyler Skaggs a day after the left-hander went on the DL with a thigh strain. Barria is making his 12th start of the season and has given up two earned runs or fewer in four of his last five starts. Lefty Marco Gonzales (8-5, 3.77) makes his first start since pitching the first complete game of his career in a 4-1 win over Kansas City.


Joe Mauer needs one double to give him 415 in his career, which would break a tie with Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett for the Twins’ franchise record. Minnesota has lost six straight and returns home from a 1-8 trip to play Baltimore, which has the worst record in the majors at 24-61. More good news for the scuffling Twins: Two-time All-Star Ervin Santana (right middle finger surgery) is scheduled to make his next rehab appearance for Class A Fort Myers.

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THOUSAND OAKS L.J. Collier Jersey , Calif. (AP) — nd moved up twice in the first two days of the NFL draft. The NFC champions came out of all their machinations with a promising safety, a hometown cornerback and a ball carrier to provide a change of pace from Todd Gurley.The Rams traded their first-round pick Thursday and moved back two more times Friday before they finally selected Washington safety Taylor Rapp with the 61st overall pick late in the second round.Los Angeles then used one of the two extra picks acquired during its trades to move up for Memphis running back Darrell Henderson early in the third round. The Rams added Michigan cornerback David Long, a product of LA’s Loyola High School, later in the third, before moving up one last time to grab Oklahoma offensive tackle Bobby Evans shortly before the end of the third.The most eye-catching pick was Henderson, a highly productive ball carrier who finished second in the FBS with 1,446 yards rushing last season despite getting just 158 carries, the 39th-most in the FBS. The explosive runner was among the top handful of running backs in the draft, but slipped to the third round.“Yeah, I thought I was going to go higher,” Henderson said. “But I just kept my faith. When it’s time to put on the pads, I’m going to make everybody that passed over me regret it.”Coach Sean McVay and general manager Les Snead both said they chose Henderson for his particular abilities as a change-of-pace back who could also line up as a receiver. The ever-inventive McVay has ideas about how to use Henderson, comparing him to New England’s James White.“Sean has always felt like his offense would be slightly more explosive when you have a change-of-pace type running back www.seahawksfootballauthentics.com/marqu...air-jersey-authentic ,” Snead said. “We thought about doing it in last year’s draft … (but) it’s something that we’ve been trying to do since Sean walked in.”And while neither McVay nor Snead emphasized it, choosing Henderson likely means the Rams won’t have to rely so heavily on Gurley, whose production slumped after he developed a mysterious left knee injury down the stretch last season.Henderson provides a compelling alternative to overloading Gurley, who got $45 million guaranteed in his new contract before training camp last year. Gurley has been in the top 10 in the NFL in touches during each of his four seasons, and he was fourth last season — despite missing two games in December — after being third in 2017, when he won the NFL Offensive Player of the Year award.Although he insisted his left knee was healthy late last season, the Rams relied heavily on veteran C.J. Anderson, who left for Detroit as a free agent. Gurley had fewer than 50 yards rushing in four of his final five games.“Being able to add a playmaker is the biggest thing,” McVay said. “We had identified (Henderson) as a guy that has a specific skill set that could do some really unique things for us offensively. … The versatility that he provides is what was so enticing for us. You see the explosiveness — over 8 yards a carry. We’re excited for him to get in here and really learn under Todd and (backup running back) Malcolm (Brown).”Rapp is the Rams’ highest-drafted defensive player since 2014. They hadn’t drafted a defensive player higher than 91st overall since then, but Rapp will join returning starter John Johnson and newcomer Eric Weddle in the secondary.Rapp wasn’t surprised to hear from the Rams after making a pre-draft visit to their training complex.“When I first got there, I could tell right away that it’s the perfect place for me,” said Rapp, a second-team AP All-America selection last season for the Pac-12 champion Huskies. “The culture is just so unique D.K. Metcalf Jersey , and the way things are done around there is just so unique and so great. I just knew I would be a perfect fit.”Long was excited to land back in Los Angeles after a three-year career with the Wolverines. He also visited with the Rams prior to the draft, getting a productive meeting with cornerbacks coach Aubrey Pleasant.The 6-foot-5 Evans said he “fell in love” with the Rams on his pre-draft visit. He could emerge as an important backup at four positions on an offensive line that lost two starters from its Super Bowl lineup when guard Rodger Saffold signed with Tennessee and center John Sullivan’s contract option wasn’t picked up. INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — The Indianapolis Colts‘ defense was reeling early this season.After six games, it had allowed an average of 30 points, had given up 37 or more points in three consecutive losses, was languishing near the bottom of the league’s overall rankings and showed no sign of a turnaround.Today, those performances are almost recognizable. Though the names remain essentially unchanged, the Colts overcame that dismal start and have emerged as one of the NFL’s stingiest units and a key cog in Indy’s playoff run.“We feel good, we’ve been rolling,” rookie linebacker Darius Leonard said. “We just want to keep it going. We want to keep everything rolling.”Leonard and his teammates face their biggest challenge yet in Saturday’s divisional-round game at Kansas City. But the timing couldn’t be better for a young, suddenly sturdy defense that still has plenty to prove.Over the past six weeks, the Colts have given up 12.0 points per game, posted their first shutout in four years and ascended to No. 11 in the rankings. But many wonder whether the defense can hold up against the league’s highest-scoring team.So far, Indy (11-6) has passed every test. The defense has played a vital role in two five-game winning streaks. Indy is one of two teams that have not allowed a 100-yard rusher this season and have had at least one turnover in 16 of 17 games.Outsiders have noticed the turnaround by a unit once regarded as a weak link.“I think the players have bought in and they play hard http://www.seahawksfootballauthentics.co...ton-jersey-authentic ,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “They’re accurate with their assignments.”Reid isn’t alone.Leonard, the league’s leading tackler, was named first-team All-Pro last week, and first-year defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus interviewed Sunday for the Cleveland Browns’ head coaching job. Though he wasn’t hired, the dramatic ascension could help Eberflus stay on the coaching radar.What’s changed? Not much personnel-wise from opening day.Defensive tackle Al Woods and linebacker Skai Moore both wound up on injured reserve. Margus Hunt moved from defensive end to defensive tackle and Pierre Desir claimed one of the starting cornerback spots. Otherwise, the lineup remained as consistent as Eberflus’ message.“When you keep doing the same things over and over again and you get good at the fundamentals of the game, then you can start adding a little bit to your package because the guys understand the basics,” Eberflus said.“You can never move on or never forget the basics of what your system is about. That to me is the hustle, the intensity, taking the ball away and being smart players.”Eberflus, initially hired by Josh McDaniels and retained by Frank Reich after McDaniels backed out of the job, scrapped the 3-4 defensive front from previous coaching staff and installed the Tampa-2 preferred by general manager Chris Ballard.Reich was on board, too Gary Jennings Jr. Jersey , remembering how the system helped the Colts win a Super Bowl during his first stint with the team.The scheme relies largely on speed and trust and was a perfect fit for a team trying to rebuild. Only three full-time starters returned in the same spot this season while a fourth, Jabaal Sheard, moved from outside linebacker to defensive end, but the simplicity shortened the learning curve for everyone, including the youngsters.And after six games, things started to mesh. Leonard became the breakout star, the pass rush became more consistent and the run defense tightened up.“We go into this game knowing that we can beat the best,” Leonard said. “Once you go in as an underdog, there’s a lot more chips on your shoulder. It makes you want to play harder. It makes you want to win more.”NOTES: Four-time Pro Bowl receiver T.Y. Hilton (ankle) is one of five players who did not practice Wednesday. The others are defensive tackle Denico Autry (shoulder), receiver Ryan Grant (toe), safety Malik Hooker (hip/foot) and defensive end Tyquan Lewis (knee). Hilton expects to play. … Tight end Eric Ebron (hip), receiver Dontrelle Inman (shoulder/finger) and Sheard (knee) were limited in practice.
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It’s the place he’s called home for nine years Khari Willis Jersey , since the Texans made him a first-round choice in 2010, and the place he’ll continue to make his offseason home.But the Texans didn’t make an offer, Jackson said, so he is headed to Denver.“They didn’t even approach me with an offer or any type of deal,” Jackson said, via Mark Berman of KRIV. “Obviously, they didn’t want me back or whatever the case may be. I’m not really sure. My agent was never approached by anybody from the Texans organization, so I wasn’t offered a deal of any sort. I kind of feel a little disrespected to be honest about it. At the end of the day, no hard feelings. I had a great nine years here. This will always be home for me. I definitely appreciate all the memories and all the opportunities. I appreciate the fans and everything I was able to build here. I’ll always have love for Houston.”Jackson agreed to a three-year deal worth $33 million with the Broncos. He gets $23 million guaranteed.He made $48.9 million in his career in Houston, according to overthecap.com.“I’m not emotional Josh Allen Jersey ,” Jackson said. “I know how the business goes. All good things sometimes come to an end. At the end of the day, it’s another opportunity for me. They’ve got a great group of guys there. I’m eager to get there and do whatever I can to help them win.” AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Will Power topped qualifying once again. Now he has a chance to turn pole position into a tidy little payday if he can drive to another victory.The Team Penske star earned career pole No. 56 Saturday at the inaugural IndyCar Classic at the Circuit of the Americas, edging Andretti Autosport teammates Alexander Rossi and Ryan Hunter-Reay.Sixteen of Power’s 35 career victories have come from pole position. Do it again Sunday and he’ll earn a $100,000 bonus. But the Australian said he’s eying an even bigger prize: a season championship to match his 2014 IndyCar crown.“I want the $1 million at the end of the year,” Power said. “That’s much better.”Power started on pole position at the season-opening race in St. Petersburg but finished third behind winner and Penske teammate Josef Newgarden.The top three had to dig deep for the final laps to knock rookies Colton Herta of Harding Steinbrenner Racing and Felix Rosenqvist of Chip Ganassi Racing from the top spots. Herta will start fourth and Rosenqvist fifth.Herta was the breakout driver at preseason testing here and briefly held pole position until the final seconds of qualifying. He had trouble Friday when his engine blew early in practice, putting pressure on the team just to get him back on the track.“To show we had the pace during qualifying was reassuring. I know we can back it up in the race,” Herta said.IndyCar is racing for the first time at the track built for Formula One in 2012. After two days of preseason testing last month and two days of practice and qualifying this week, the drivers think the 3.41-mile track, one of the longest of the IndyCar season Parris Campbell Jersey , could produce some wild racing as tires wear out quickly with no track limits in the turns.The biggest impact will be on Turn 19, where drivers will be allowed to swing wide into the runoff area. That will help cut lap times by 0.2 to 0.3 seconds.Some drivers like it. Some don’t. Several had trouble negotiating the turn on Saturday.“I’m not a fan of track limits. That’s why I like racing in America, because you don’t really have track limits. You go off in this grass, gravel or wall,” Rosenqvist said. “I’m kind of a fan for opening it up. You know it’s going to be the same for everyone. They’re not going to look at this guy was one millimeter over the line or not, which is a bit ridiculous.”Team Penske’s Simon Pagenaud questioned whether it’s safe. His qualifying session ended early after Tony Kanaan ran wide into the gravel on Turn 19 to bring out a red flag.“The track was designed a certain way. I think there was a reason,” Pagenaud said. “It’s really a tough corner when you have track limits. When you don’t have track limits, running off wide, you’re actually facing the guardrail. It’s not as safe, not designed that way. It’s actually bad on the car as well because you’re really bottoming pretty hard.”Other items from Austin:ROOKIE PUSHHerta and Rosenqvist weren’t the only rookies making a push deep into qualifying Saturday.Santino Ferrucci of Dale Coyne Racing and Carlin’s Patricio O’Ward both made it past the opening rounds. O’Ward http://www.coltsauthorizedshops.com/auth...bobby-okereke-jersey , last season’s Indy Lights champion, will start eighth in his IndyCar season debut. Ferrucci will start 11th.The circuit veterans were impressed by the youngsters. Power, Hunter-Reay and Scott Dixon, who have won seven IndyCar titles between them, are all 38 years old. Herta is 18. O’Ward is 19.“I think it’s great for the future of the sport,” said Dixon, who will start sixth Sunday. “Some of us are getting pretty old.”PAGENAUD’S PROBLEMSThe 2016 champion has seen his qualifying in the first two races doomed by red flags in the early sessions. The Frenchman will start 22nd Sunday. He started 13th in St. Petersburg and raced his way to finish seventh.“I need to find a lucky charm or something,” Pagenaud said. “It’s really frustrating to start at the back like this. I’ve got a good car.”
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